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My first and ONLY post about the name!

Fill in the Blank: ' W i i _ '
Yes, Wii is a silly name and I think I figured out why. All good nonsensically named properties have at least two syllables. Goo~gle, Ya~hoo, Flick~r, X~box. What the Wii needs is an extra syllable. Maybe calling it the Wii~d would garner the interest of the pothead crowd? Or what about the Wii~D~O, like the 3DO? Yeah, that's just asking to crash and burn. I honestly do think if it had just one more sound attached we'd be ok with it.

Beyond the potty references I think it's the seemingly ambiguous and kinda wimpy feel you get from saying Wii. You can't yell it out. It drifts off the tongue like a leaf in a storm. You can't cover your ears and repeatedly scream it inside your fanboy head to drown out the PS3 fanboys. The more you say it, the more you think of 'we-we-weiners' and going 'we we wee-wee'. There's more to be said on what sound could be added to the name but I just can't figure it out myself. Please, discuss.

Enough. Enough now.
And that is the first and last time I'm going to post about the name. I think it's silly to go on and on and back and forth about it. I don't sit around in Road & Track's forums but I doubt anyone debates the 'coolness' of new car names and refuses to buy one based solely on what Dodge or Mitsubishi are calling it. Yes, Snakes on a Plane is a retarded name for a movie but we all got over it once we understood it. I can't think of any other form of entertainment whose avid fans whine about the name of a new product. But it happens all the time in gaming.

People laughed in my face when I told them I spent $400 on something called a Play Station. I remember people going nuts over the Dreamcast when it was first named. We couldn't believe it was really going to be called the X-Box. And remember when it was codenamed the StarCube and we were struck to hear and see the GameCube? What'd it take, a few months and we'd accepted it?

It's called the Wii. It's wimpy but that's the name, and dammit, I'm doing my best to accept it! According to the patent news Nintendo solidified their choice last November. They've had plenty of time to beat themselves up over it and it's just Wii. Thank you, I'll shut up now.
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