wolf star (starionwolf) wrote in nintendo_rev,
wolf star

Fan, cooling in Wii?

Any idea if the Wii or Revolution will have a fan to cool itself? The Gamecube has a good sized fan. I wonder how Nintendo will squeeze a fan into the Wii's small case. :) I guess the holes for the exhaust are at the back of the case, next to the power cord.

Just wondering.
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Cube uses a single 60mm fan. It shouldnt be too hard to have one or two 40mm fans in the rear of the Wii.
Cool. Thanks for the info. I'll look for the fan after I get my Wii.
Thw Wii is a little thicker than the laptops out now days so it shouldn't be to difficult to keep it cool. Probally a single fan and maybe a heat pipe of some sort.
They've been emphasizing that it's energy effecient and quiet so I wouldn't expect heat to be a big issue with it.
I forgot that laptops have fans. Thanks for reminding me.
Don't worry, they'll have plenty of room for the fan because there's not much graphics stuff to take up the space.
Yeah, the Wii is so thin compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3. :) The trailers that I saw of the games are really nice.
If you look at the back of the Wii, there's a grid of big square holes. There were pics in this community months ago. It looks EXACTLY like the plastic mesh on the sides of the Gamecube. This makes me suspect the Wii might have the exact same cooling components as the Gamecube.

That'd be good, since I've never heard of them failing, and it would cut costs. My Cube has sat on a carpet floor in my basement for 4 years and seen at least 1100 hours worth of action, and it never has trouble.